B2B Tech Client: Immediate Visibility Gains from Keyword-Stuffing Analysis and Correction


The client was embarking on a new product release, which yielded the opportunity to overhaul one of its key pages. This page is optimized for a high-search-volume keyword theme that plays a critical role in the site’s organic visibility; starting in July, it had experienced drops in organic rankings, organic impressions, and average position for these keywords.

Once these changes went live at the beginning of August, the Average Position for the primary keyword mapped to the page began to decrease dramatically.

  • After ranking on Page 1 consistently, Average Position bottomed out at Position 25 by early September.
  • Impressions also began to follow the same trend.
  • After Average Position fell to Page 2 and beyond in organic search, it averaged fewer than 150 impressions a day, minimizing opportunities for organic visibility



In order to understand what opportunities to address, the 3Q SEO team leveraged SearchMetrics to evaluate the new content. This evaluation analyzed:

  • Length of body content
  • Usage of keywords in the Page Title and H1 tag
  • The comprehensiveness of keyword topic coverage
    throughout the page’s body copy

The content evaluation tool provided recommended usage of keywords related to the topic themes that we chose.

The tool confirmed that the primary keyword was utilized throughout the copy in a repetitive, often unnatural manner. We could see that the keyword stuffing was having an adverse impact on organic visibility.

After sharing this analysis with the client, seologizt worked with the client’s content team to make the following adjustments:

  • Eliminate as much repetition and overuse of the primary keyword as possible.
  • Revert the Page Titles and H1s back to their pre-content overhaul versions.

Our content tweaks resulted in nearly halving the usage of our primary keyword, which addressed the copy’s readability and over-optimization.


While updating the Page Title and H1 tags resulted in some initial improvements, addressing the page’s over-optimization via copy updates played a significant role in helping the client regain visibility for one of its most critical keyword topics

  • The primary keyword immediately rebounded from a Page 3 ranking.
  • Impressions began to improve as well.

The challenge presented, and the solution implemented, prove that overuse of keywords can have a negative impact. We will leverage these insights as we look to make further updates to content on this page, as well as to other core organic pages across the site.

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