App Store Optimization improves app downloads by over 20% for wellness tech company, MINDBODY

MINDBODY is the leading technology platform for the wellness services industry, providing local wellness entrepreneurs with an integrated software and payments platform to help them run, market, and build their

businesses. Consumers use the company’s MINDBODY app to find and book fitness classes and salon and spa appointments nearby. The app also features great deals available through MINDBODY’s global network of fitness, wellness, and beauty providers.


MINDBODY became a seologizt client in early June when they began working with the Seologizt Digital team to increase user acquisition for the MINDBODY app. Recognizing that app store optimization (ASO) is critical to growing app downloads, MINDBODY consulted with the seologizt team to improve their App Store messaging and experience.

MINDBODY wanted to ensure their App Store pages were primed to capture as many downloads as possible. To maximize the value of their marketing dollars, MINDBODY worked with the Seologizt Creative and ASO
teams to build and test new creative


Our team tackled MINDBODY’s goal to increase app installs through seologizt’s strategic ASO process:

Research: seologizt performed a thorough analysis of both MINDBODY’s industry and competitors, as well as an audit on MINDBODY’s current App Store experience. This research allowed the team to take a targeted approach to build creativity that would appeal to the audience and drive engagement.

Design: The seologizt Creative team designed two different sets of screenshots that could be tested against MINDBODY’s original creation, or the Control. The first was Lifestyle, which appealed to the emotion of the user, focusing on the outcomes use of the MINDBODY app would produce. The second, Utility, focused on how the app itself is used, displaying locations, deals, and scheduling within the app


In the end, MINDBODY saw impressive results, with the Utility creative outperforming the Control by 19.1% and the Lifestyle creative outperforming the Control by 10.6%.

Armed with a deeper understanding of what resonates with their target demographic, MINDBODY is now able to continue to improve upon what drives more users to download their app.
Result highlights were:

20.1% increase in installs
Insights into user behavior
Beautiful new designs that reflect customer motivations

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